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Beautiful Mohair & Alpaca Items Available at New Online Retail Site

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…MAY 10, 2011…COSTA MESA, Calif….Kul Fur, a designer and manufacturer of unique fashion-forward accessories made with plush mohair and alpaca fabrics, has launched a new online retail site.  Kul Fur products, found online at, include scarves, wrist cuffs, boot cuffs, and hats made in the United States and designed for those who love real fur but not the idea of being cruel to animals. 

Founded by Costa Mesa residents, Jim and Johnna Rice, Kul Fur, is committed to providing beautiful, stylish items made from 100 percent real mohair and alpaca fur without harming or killing the animals.  According to the design duo, the fur is sheared from angora goats and alpacas and made into yarn just like wool.  It is then woven into a cotton backing and custom hand dyed.  The final product is the finest mohair and alpaca plush in the world. 

“Mohair and alpaca are truly exquisite fibers,” the Rices said.  “We have been working with these furs for more than 20 years in the high-end collectible industry.  This is not your grandmother’s mohair, usually seen in knit socks, sweaters, and scarves.  We are trying to make a difference by showing that animals do not need to be harmed or killed in order for us to have beautiful furs to wear.”

The new Kul Fur product line features a variety of exquisite items, including luxurious mohair and alpaca silk-lined scarves available in six colors.  Also included are truly unique boot cuffs that go with any boot, as well as beautiful hats and beanies that are so stylish they can be worn year round.  The company also has created gorgeous wrist cuffs that can be worn as an accessory with sweaters, long sleeve shirts, coats, and gloves.  Gold- and silver-tone flower bracelets also are available and can be worn alone or as an accessory to the Kul Fur wrist cuffs.  Kul Fur products are priced from $26–$122, plus tax and shipping, and can be ordered online at using PayPal. 

The Rices said the Web site has been well received and that the company is already gearing up for the Fall 2011 fashion season.  “Fur hats will continue to be a hot fashion trend this coming year and we are excited to be working on a few new chic looks.  We are very proud of our beautiful furs and want to make them available in the world of fashion so that all could enjoy them.”

About Kul Fur
Kul Fur is a designer and manufacturer of unique plush mohair and alpaca fashion products.  Based in Costa Mesa, Calif., the company has created a line of beautiful fashion-forward items, including hats, headbands, boot cuffs, and scarves.  The business was founded in 2010 when designer duo Jim and Johnna Rice recognized the need for stylish, beautiful fashion accessories utilizing real fur without harming animals.  For more information or to shop for a Kul Fur item, visit

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